Thomas Hauk
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Thomas Hauk

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About Him

Living… on surveillance duty for the Baltimore Police Department along with his partner Ellis Carver. Day or night, Herc always seems to be on the job. He and Carver are able to pass endless hours sitting in their car with little more than idle conversation, often involving elaborate hypotheticals about sex. Herc is a man of simple pleasures.

Profession… narcotics cop. Herc prefers to be out on the streets rather than behind a desk. He especially enjoys pulling up on “corners,” menacing low-level drug dealers, and donning the Kevlar vest when it comes time for a full-fledged drug bust. His history of brutality charges doesn’t deter his fondness of knocking heads: “We tune 'em up, beat 'em down, lock 'em up. The Western District way.”

Interests… even when he’s not busting heads, Herc likes to play the role of the tough cop. He quotes his hero, John Shaft, and listens to the Shaft theme song as he drives. You can also catch him checking out his sunglasses in his rearview mirror every now and then.

Relationship Status… single, but in a committed bromance with Carver. It was “love” at first sight when they were paired together in the narcotics division. They talk mess, they bicker, they reconcile. The one thing capable of fracturing their relationship is the sergeant’s exam – they both badly want to make rank, and there are only so many spots available. 

Challenge… learning to control himself. Herc tends to act first and think later, and this strategy is wont to backfire. On the rare occasion that he overrides his gut instinct in favor of deep reflection, he cooks up hare-brained schemes that often involve putting expensive surveillance equipment at risk. 

Personality… tough and loyal, but a bit simple-minded. Herc is not the smartest or most ethical policeman, but he is dedicated to his work and will put in as many hours as necessary to get the job done at whatever cost. He holds himself in high esteem, but his ego is fragile. At the end of the day, he just wants to be recognized.

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