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Thomas Crown

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Overview… international art thief – maybe. When a multimillion-dollar painting gets stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, wealthy financier Thomas Crown is on the top of the list of suspects. As suave and dashing and he is clever, Thomas seeks to keep one step ahead of the authorities while courting Catherine, the lead investigator. As they grow to care for one another, Thomas risks his carefully made plans to prove his loyalty. Or does he?

Personality… classy, mysterious, and adventurous. Thomas Crown is a confident man who trusts his own abilities above all else. He’s smart and he knows it, using his talents, connections and sex appeal to get whatever he wants – even (or especially) if it isn’t strictly legal. When a strong-willed investigator makes him consider settling down, Crown is perplexed by emotions he didn’t know he had. Though it doesn’t take him long to get on his feet and back to what he does best, this time motivated by a desire to prove his worth.  

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