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Thomas Becket


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Grew Up… with his Saxon parents on London’s Cheapside. While still a young man, he became friends with the a youthful and energetic man named Henry Curtmantle– now known as Henry II, King of England. Becket was training to become a member of the clergy, but after meeting Henry left his order in order to answer a higher calling: the hedonistic life. He and the king drank their way through late adolescence, though at the same time Becket managed to develop into a shrewd, astute man.

Living… in Henry’s castle. As a member of the royal court, every need of Becket’s is taken care of– a luxury most Saxons can only dream of. When he is not advising the king or accompanying him on a romp, Becket spends time with his wife, who also lives with him in the King’s castle.

Profession… servant and counsellor to King Henry. Becket’s official duty is to serve the king, his friend, but he often acts more in the capacity of confidante, advisor, and wingman. He provides Henry with his best ideas and is able to articulate Henry’s interests to the royal court better than Henry can. Though he is starting to disagree with some of King Henry’s views and actions.

Relationship Status… married to the beautiful Gwendolyn, former Saxon princess. She lives with Becket in the castle. Her love for her husband leads her to accept his occasional infidelities.

Challenge… his relationship with King Henry. Becket thinks of himself as a man of honor, but he does not know what honor he truly serves. Part of his self-image is that of a collaborator against his own people, a fact Henry reminds Becket of often. Becket serves a Norman king– one who oppresses the Saxon people. Surely this is not the standard of honor that Becket desires. Becket’s challenge is to seek out a true honor to serve, and ultimately decide between pleading a case and defending a higher principle.

Personality… careful, pragmatic, and intelligent. Henry seems almost envious of Thomas’ natural cleverness and repeatedly praises him for it. Thomas is shrewd in business and cunning when he needs to be. He is also a loyal friend and companion, as he proves repeatedly to King Henry. If only King Henry was as good a friend in return… 

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