Thomas Barrow
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Thomas Barrow

Downton Abbey

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Living… in the servants’ quarters of Downton Abbey. Thomas lives in a beautiful estate in Yorkshire, England. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get to enjoy many of its perks – rather, he’s one of those running around keeping the place pristine for other people to enjoy.

Profession… first footman. Thomas has been a servant at Downton for over 10 years, but complete job satisfaction is still out of his grasp. He was gunning for the position of Lord Grantham’s valet, but unfortunately, he didn’t get the job. An inexperienced cripple named Bates took the spot instead. Thomas is furious, complaining, “I can’t believe I’ve been passed over for Long John Silver.”

Interests… dancing and bullying William Mason, his fellow footman. Working for a prestigious household like Downton keeps Thomas fairly busy, but there is still time to kick back and enjoy some music. He likes to dance with Daisy, a fellow servant – not that he’s interested, but it drives William nuts because he is.

Relationship Status… single. Maintaining a love life as a closeted gay man in the early 1900s is incredibly difficult, but Thomas manages to get away with occasional flings. Unfortunately, they often backfire, as an accusation of homosexuality would cost Thomas his job, and possibly land him in jail.

Challenge… climbing the social ladder. Thomas craves the increased prestige that comes with being a valet. He’ll do anything to get the job, whether it’s attempting to seduce a nobleman, or sabotaging Bates. So far his schemes haven’t panned out, but Thomas is sure that he’s more qualified for the job than just about anyone around. If only one of the nobles would realize it.

Personality… ambitious, conniving, and smarmy. Thomas’s main priority is himself – after all, no one else is going to help him. In fairness, his forbidden sexual orientation and his low social class are two strikes against him that are out of his control. But he doesn’t help himself by making more enemies than friends. He isn’t afraid to ruin other people’s lives, as long as he gets what he feels he deserves.

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