Thomas Barnes
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Thomas Barnes

Vantage Point

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Overview… a dedicated patriot. Thomas Barnes is honored to be back on security detail for the President of the United States at a summit in Salamanca, Spain. The President should be honored as well, considering Thomas just recovered from taking a bullet in the president’s stead earlier in the year. Nervous and out of practice, however, Thomas’ first assignment quickly becomes more than he bargained for when another attempt on the President’s life is made.  

Personality… focused and relentless. A decorated Secret Service agent, it makes sense that Barnes is a wary individual. Attentive to the most miniscule details, he can come across as aloof because he’s too busy scanning the room to hold a decent conversation. Selfless and committed to his duty, Barnes puts other peoples’ safety above his own, stepping up and tackling (even literally) the dangers that other people will not. A perfectionist, Barnes will not quit until he’s put together the puzzle and captured the shooter.

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