Thirteenth Doctor

Thirteenth Doctor

    Doctor Who

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on Gallifrey. She trained at the academy with the Master and had a perfectly normal upbringing (as normal as it gets on a planet with an advanced civilization). She’s sure of her past, of every regeneration. But now it’s all coming into question, and she’ll need help if she’ll ever find herself again.

Visiting… Nikola Tesla, an Amazon warehouse in space, and the edges of the universe. With her TARDIS equipped with extraterrestrial glowing crystals and three companions dedicated to the right thing, the Doctor explores all of space and the greatest moments of history.

Relationship Status… single. To love a companion again, even when they make their devotion clear is no longer a possibility for the Doctor. She has closed herself off from others, and it seems like no one can understand the real her again. Not even herself.

Challenge… finding herself. In her own words, “Right now, I’m a stranger to myself. There are echoes of who I was and a sort of call toward who I am. And I have to hold my nerve and trust all these new instincts, shape myself towards them." The Doctor did her best to hide her past from her closest companions, but that only led them farther away from her. She needs to accept that some things can’t be changed, only learned from. Oh, and she also needs to stop the great mass of destruction making its way through the universe.

Personality… energetic, kind, and socially challenged. The Doctor made herself out to be a people person, while not always understanding modern Earth habits, she did her best to go along with the brilliant ideas of her companions and be the savior the universe needed. But the universe isn’t the only thing in need of saving. As it turns out, humans can be just the thing to guide the Doctor back from a full-on identity crisis back to the kind friend she always was.


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