The Sundance Kid
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The Sundance Kid

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

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About Him

Grew Up… as Harry Longabaugh. The Sundance Kid got his nickname from a ranch in Sundance, Wyo., where he stole a gun and a horse.

Living… under the sometimes bumbling direction of Butch Cassidy, leader of the “Hole in the Wall Gang.” Sundance loves his friend dearly, but it does always seem like it’s Butch getting them into most of the trouble, and then both of them fighting their way out. When Butch wants them to jump off a cliff into a ravine, Sundance admits that he can’t swim, to which Butch cleverly replies, “Are you crazy? The fall will probably kill you!”

Profession… robber. The Sundance Kid is arguably the most valuable asset to the Hole in the Wall Gang, seeing as he’s the only one who can actually hit anything with his bullets. Butch reveals at the most inopportune moment that he’s never shot anyone before, putting even more pressure on Sundance to save the day once again.

Interests… his gun. Sundance is quick to draw and deadly accurate when he shoots. But his favorite pastime is probably heckling Butch. When Butch blows the heck out of a train car with too much dynamite, Sundance teases, “Think ya used enough dynamite there, Butch?” In the end, though, he’d stick with Butch until both of them are dead.

Relationship Status… single. Though he frequents local brothels, he can’t help but love Etta Place, a schoolteacher who’s got the heart of a lioness. She knows he’s trouble, but she can’t help loving him either. The two are made for each other. And she’d follow him to the ends of the earth if it meant they could stay together, ideally out of trouble with the law.

Challenge… keeping Butch from getting them both killed. Easier said than done. As they constantly get hunted down by an unidentified posse of killers, Sundance gets more and more weary that the end is near. Even more disconcerting is the mysterious identity of these man-hunters. Butch says it best, many times: “Who are those guys?”

Personality… introverted. Sundance is usually reacting to something Butch throws at him. Otherwise, he enjoys taking in the scenery, keeping his hat brim low, and smoking a little tobacco. The simple life appeals to Sundance almost as much as the life of a gunslinger…but not quite.

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