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Zack Martin

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

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About Him

Grew Up… around the U.S. Since their mother works as a lounge singer, Zack and Cody have been on the move since childhood. 

Living... at the Tipton Hotel. It's not a conventional living situation, but since it's the place where their mother has her latest gig, it's where they're staying. Although Zack is sure at first that it's "the most boring hotel, in the history of boring hotels," it's not long before he finds out how wrong that is.

Profession… student, though not a very good one. While his brother Cody is a straight-A student, Zack is more prone to get straight Ds. The only exception is woodshop, where Zack is – for once – top of the class.

Interests… sports, girls, and generally having fun. He might not get very good grades, but Zack's acing the one subject that really matters when you're 12: coolness.

Relationship Status… constantly changing. Zack might only be in middle school, but he's already got a reputation for being a player. After all, who can't resist a man with "jellybeans, cherry sodas and cheese product in a can," aka "all the ingredients of romance"?

Challenge… keeping himself entertained. Then again, it’s not really much of a “challenge” for him – Zack’s a natural at enjoying himself. The Tipton attracts all sorts of guests, and between the famous guests and the eccentric staff, there's plenty of opportunities for a boisterous kid like Zack to get into trouble.

Personality… immature, impulsive, and carefree. While Cody is stressing over math tests and someday getting into M.I.T., Zack's more likely to be found playing video games and hitting on Maddie, the Tipton's candy counter girl. But for all that Zack mocks his brother for being a dork, the two make a good team, as Zack's schemes show again and again.

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