Cody Martin
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Cody Martin

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

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About Him

Grew Up… around the country. Since their mother's a lounge singer, Cody and his twin brother Zack have lived all over the U.S.

Living... in Boston, at the Tipton Hotel. Since the Tipton's paying their mother to sing there, the twins have taken up residence at the hotel as well. It's a bit of an unusual living situation, but it's still not quite as unusual as some of the people who work there. 

Profession… student. If studying was a profession, then Cody's been Employee of the Week since age 5. Zack, meanwhile, didn't even bother filling out the job application.

Interests… math, math camp, and math homework! Between his passion for school and his love of stamp collection, Cody gets teased a lot by his twin for being a dweeb, but he refuses to let Zack get the better of him. After all, says Cody, "just because a man cooks and cleans doesn't mean he can't be macho and tough."

Relationship Status… in flux. While Cody's not quite the playboy his brother is, he does pretty well for a middle-schooler. And while Zack is fine with quick flings, Cody's looking for something more long-term.

Challenge… getting into Harvard or someplace just as good. He might be only 12, but Cody's already got clear plan for his future: first, he's going to go to Harvard (or M.I.T. or Stanford or Yale – he's still undecided). Then, he's going to win the Nobel Prize. It's a simple plan, really, and he can't quite get why it's so hard for other people to understand it.  

Personality… intelligent and responsible, but occasionally a little neurotic. Compared to Zack, Cody's a model son: he's polite, he's sensitive, and he even cleans his own room. But all his maturity doesn't stop Cody from going along with some of Zack's zanier schemes, and his precocity comes with its own pitfalls. An ardent perfectionist, Cody lives his life convinced that, "if I don't ace Wood Shop, I'm going to end up as one of those guys who sells hot dogs and sleeps in a taxi!"

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