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Ren Hoek

The Ren & Stimpy Show

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About Him

Overview… a scrawny Chihuahua with emotional issues. Ren lives with his best friend, a dim-witted cat named Stimpy. Even though they love each other, Ren’s short temper and and intense, over-the-top aggression often cause him to get frustrated with Stimpy. When they butt heads during their many misadventures, Ren will often scream his catchphrase: “you eediot!”   

Personality angry, psychotic, and smart – although, probably not as smart as he thinks he isRen can be truly mean when he wants to get his way, and he doesn’t always know how to show that he cares. But, no matter what, Ren is ready to go on an adventure.

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Ren Hoek
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