The Master

The Master

    Doctor Who
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as a member of the “oldest and most mighty race in the Universe," the Time Lords of Gallifrey. When a Time Lord turns eight, an initiation ceremony has them stare into the Time Vortex, a hole in the fabric of reality – but when the young Master underwent the ceremony, he went mad with power lust after seeing "the raw power of time and space."

Living... as one of the most feared and infamous Time Lords in the universe. Like all other Time Lords, the Master has thirteen different lives, or "regenerations," and he's spent many of his long lives opposing the Doctor, a fellow Time Lord devoted to bring peace to the universe instead of taking over it.

Profession... in his own words, “master of all.” The Master’s resume includes – but is by no means limited to – brilliant scientist, engineer, politician, usurper, warrior, mass murderer, multi-media expert, hypnotist, and even musician. However, these titles mean nothing next to his ultimate aim: controller the entirety of time and space.

Interests... enjoying such fine Earth culture as Teletubbies. As he puts it: " their stomachs. Now that isevolution." With his dramatic fashion sense (particularly when it comes to capes), love of dancing and fast music, and his keen sense of humor, the Master's practically an ideal friend – provided, of course, that you ignore the maniacal laughter and homicidal plots.

Relationship Status... single. Being a Time Lord makes relationships with other species difficult, but the Master is more than willing to use his charm to gain power when possible. Something could be said of his obsession with the Doctor, but seeing as the Master has tried to killed him several times, it's probably just nothing.

Challenge... stopping the drumming. Ever since the Master went mad by staring into the Time Vortex, a drumbeat in his head has been driving him to seek power. He doesn’t know why the drums “chose” him, but he follows their urges anyway, hoping that if he listen to them they'll eventually go away.

Personality... affable, hypnotically charismatic, and completely psychopathic. Not only is the Master unfazed at the deaths of millions, but he also finds such destruction exhilarating. Although he generally seems like a remorseless, ruthless mastermind, there are signs – hints of fear and loneliness – that there is another, more sane personality buried under the beating of the drums.


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