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    The Mandalorian
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… as a foundling. His home was raided as a young boy, and the Mandalorians took him in. A society sworn by a common code, the Mandalorians raised him in their fighting corps. When he came of age, he swore to the creed, only obvious by the large helmet covering his features. No one has seen his face since. 

Living... in the outer reaches of the galaxy. Years after the fall of the Empire, The Mandalorian hides from small factions of former Imperial soldiers that want to extinguish his kind. He is currently hiding out, fairly conspicuously, in the small town of (tbd, can’t find).

Profession... bounty hunter. Not just any bounty hunter, the Mandalorian is one of the best. He takes on the most dangerous missions with the highest stakes… if the price is right. His most recent mission took an unexpected turn when his target turned out to be a small child. Unlike ever before, his protective instinct kicks in, and he realizes he will do whatever it takes to protext The Child from the powerful men who might want to hurt it. 

Interests... guns and hand-to-hand combat. The Mandalorian is not afraid to kill, and weapons are part of his religion. As he warns an enemy, “I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.”

Challenge... protecting The Child. He is starting to fear that the actions he takes with The Child may have far-reaching impacts across the galaxy. As they venture farther away into the unknown, he becomes a target himself.

Personality... stoic, cunning, and protective. With his Mandalorian armor, no one can see his face, and he wants to keep that way. As he goes through the galaxy hunting bounties, he is an intimidating figure who rarely speaks a word. But when he has something that he does want to protect, he uses everything at his disposal to ensure its safety. 


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