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The Man

The Road

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About Him

Grew Up… when the world still made sense. His upbringing included Coca-Cola, cars, family vacations and other hallmarks of society, which have since evaporated from the face of the earth, leaving nothing but barren wastelands.

Living… on the road. He travels with his son and their cart, where they keep all of their belongings. They have very little food, and nothing will grow in the ashen soil that was once the United States of America. The apocalypse seems nigh, and the man’s only drive is survival — to eat and keep his boy alive. There are a few human survivors left, but most of them have turned to cannibalism and violence. The man and his son must keep a low profile as they travel toward the ocean in hopes of something better.

Profession… survivor. There is no more money, no career, no retirement. Money now would be about as useful as sand. The man’s only job is getting his son to safety and keeping the two of them alive.

Relationship Status… widowed. His wife took her own life when she realized how hopeless this mess of a world was. The man was devoted to keeping them all alive and together as a family, but she couldn’t live in the wasteland any longer.

Challenge… getting to the coast. The man hopes that there will be other people by the coast, or that there will be some safe haven. On their way to the ocean, they have to contend with various threats, but the revolver the man carries has only two bullets left…

Personality… hardened, handy, driven. Giving up is not an option for the man. He has his boy to look after, and that’s all that matters to him now. He wouldn’t hesitate to kill if they were in danger, and he wouldn’t think twice about giving the last of his food to save the boy.

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