The Man with No Name
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The Man with No Name

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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About Him

Living… in the Wild West during the American Civil War. He has recently been running a racket in which he “captures” and turns in a wanted man, Tuco Ramirez, for the reward money – and then saves Tuco just before the moment of execution. The two repeat this trick until Tuco becomes tiresome – calling The Man With No Name “Blondie,” and seeming like he won’t be able to produce a much higher reward from here on out. But then things become interesting, as they both come upon a dying man who tells “Blondie” about a graveyard containing hidden treasure.

Profession… gunslinger and outlaw. He’s a gun for hire who puts the dollar before basic morals. His profession requires that one treat those around you as if they’re a threat, even when supposedly working together.

Interests… treasure, marksmanship, and quick-draw shooting. He’s probably the fastest gun around these parts, which is saying a lot, considering the deadliest men in the world roam the same dirt roads.

Relationship Status… single. In this line of work, you don’t spend more than a single night with a prostitute. The Man With No Name believes that settling down is for lesser men, and for him the hunt for fortune is the ultimate fulfillment.

Challenge… surviving long enough to uncover the hidden treasure. Although he and Tuco have agreed to split the treasure, deep down they both know that if and when they actually find the loot, one of them will be walking away with the money and the other will have a noose around his neck or a bullet in his chest. That’s assuming both of them last even that long.

Personality… quiet, self-sufficient, and hard-core. He’s practically devoid of sympathy, and operates on a job-to-job basis. That means he could quickly betray the person who gave him his last paycheck, if it meant a new paycheck in his pocket the next day. But compared to the other brutes around these parts, some might even consider the man “good.”

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