Quentin Coldwater

Quentin Coldwater

    The Magicians
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up in Brooklyn, where he attended a prestigious high school with his best friends, James and Julia. All of them were obsessed with the children’s book series Fillory and Furthera Narnia-like adventure about travel to a magical land. 

Living at the secret school called Brakebills. When Quentin went to what he thought was an interview for Princeton, he ended up passing an admittance test to Brakebills, where he now goes to study magic. 

Profession  student at Brakebills. Studying magic is something that Quentin has dreamed about, but as it turns out, it’s extremely complex and difficult. He constantly fights to learn as much as he can and take advantage of the strange situation he’s found himself in. 

Interests magic and the Fillory books, mostly. Quentin has always been very intelligent, but struggles with socializing. 

Relationship Status single.  

Challenge succeeding at Brakebillsor so he thinks. Magic is dangerous, though, and there may be bigger things looming in his future than just passing the next exam or finding out what his Discipline (magical specialty) is. 

Personality… intelligent, driven, and melancholic. Quentin is an introverted person, but fiercely driven to grasp the power that’s been handed to him. He’s always suspected there was something different about him, and now he has the chance to prove it. But his low self-esteem and depression sometimes hold him back.


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