Alice Quinn
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Alice Quinn

The Magicians

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About Her

Grew Up in a family of magicians, so Alice always knew that she had strong magical potential. 

Living at the secret school of Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy, somewhere in upstate New York. The school is hidden from the outside world, though, so it’s hard to pinpoint an exact location. 

Profession  student at Brakebills. Alice is naturally talented, and excels in her coursework from the beginning. But even her natural smarts may not propel her all the way to graduation, since studying magic is a bit more complicated than studying any other mundane topic. 

Interests reading, studying, and practicing. Alice is very shy, and so sinks herself into solitary pursuits, like moving far beyond her classmates when it comes to readings on the theory of magic. 

Relationship Status single. Alice is pretty, but horribly shy, so she hasn’t dipped her toe into the dating pool yet. 

Challenge succeeding at Brakebills and coming out of her shell. The first comes naturally to her, the second not so much, but both are complicated by a dark secret her family and Brakebills have covered up.  

Personality… fiercely intelligent but reserved, Alice is introverted and seldom speaks up. However, when she does, she’s not afraid to share her knowledge or correct someone’s misperceptions. She is honest, even if she can be nervous about sharing her thoughts. When she gets close to someone, she cares deeply and is very loyal, but that also opens her to being easily hurt by them.

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