The Lieutenant
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The Lieutenant

Bad Lieutenant

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Living… in New York City, where the rent is ridiculous. $3,500 a month is crazy, man! There's criminals running amok; they're even going after the Church folk now. The Church wants nothing more than to see them behind bars. That's where The Lieutenant comes in.

Profession… a lieutenant, looking for the people who recently raped a nun. Except his heart’s not in the case, something he’s not shy about expressing, “Everyone's making such a fuss, just because she's a f*ing nun. Just because she wears a penguin suit, the church puts up 50 G for the guys who dared to rape her. Do you think they'd put up a dime if any other chick got raped? Of course not.”

Interests… betting on baseball. He puts all his money on (or against) Strawberry because he can't lose with him: “If the Mets win, it's thanks to Strawberry. If Oakland wins, it's thanks to Strawberry. Nothing can happen out there on the field that don't gotta do with Strawberry. So here's to Strawberry!”

Relationship Status… in a relationship. Ariane is always needing some bread and he can’t show up in the way she needs him to. She's always there for him, but he can't even take decent care of her. He’s two months behind on paying her rent. That's the only time she actually likes him - when the rent is paid. 

Challenge… finding the kids who raped this nun. Not for the glory or the justice, but the money. He’ll get the $50,000 reward from the Church, lock the kids up, then break them out, and then turn them in. No one has to get killed. He can solve this with the nun's help. So the boys are lost sheep. He’ll put them where they belong.

Personality… cursed, or maybe blessed. He’s been dodging bullets since he was 14. No one can kill him. He’s blessed; he’s Catholic. But it also takes its toll on his psyche: “Why? Jesus! Why me? Why can't I wash the ashes from my forehead, year after year after year? And why am I still drunk on your blood, the taste of your flesh on my tongue?...Why do I have to know, over and over, that it was you? You who died; died for my sins!”

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