The Hulk

The Hulk

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Rio de Jianero, Brazil. The Hulk is the alter-ego of scientist Bruce Banner. Whenever Banner’s heart rate rises above 200 he transforms into a super-strong titan who grows stronger the angrier he becomes. Banner has dedicated his life to finding a cure for his condition and mastering his temper, but even so, the Hulk sometimes emerges. And he always makes a big scene.

Profession… monster. The Hulk only exists when Bruce Banner is enraged, but during that time he does one thing better than anyone on Earth: destroys things.

Interests… smashing, crashing, and bashing. Whether he’s escaping from the US military or dueling another superhuman on a rooftop, the Hulk can always be counted upon to smash concrete like Styrofoam and tanks like tinfoil.

Relationship Status… none. The Hulk only exists when Bruce Banner is extremely angry. It’s never a good time for romance.

Challenge… evading the United States Army and surviving the other superhuman threats Bruce Banner encounters. While Bruce tries to stay out of trouble, fleeing as far as Brazil to avoid the federal manhunt aimed at him, the world is not content to let him live in peace. When US forces eventually catch up to Banner, it’s the Hulk who has to emerge and propel the scientist to safety. With the government determined to experiment on the Hulk, Banner finds himself relying on the green monster more than he would like. The Hulk’s savage strength becomes even more vital when the government’s continued super soldier research leads to the creation of a creature that could rival even the Hulk: Abomination.

Personality… childish, angry, and destructive. When Banner transforms into the Hulk his physical capabilities are greatly enhanced, but his mental faculties regress to a childish state. He has trouble remembering things, is extremely emotional, and lacks foresight. It’s a terrifying combination of enhanced destructive power and reduced restraint; every time Bruce loses his temper he runs the risk of demolishing entire city blocks. Bruce can control the Hulk just enough to stop him from hurting the people that he loves, but even so, he lives in fear of the damage he can do.


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