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The Governess

The Turn of the Screw

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Living… at Bly, a beautiful country estate in nineteenth century England. It's the type of place a daughter of a poor parson could hardly expect to ever step foot in, much less work at– and yet, somehow, here she is.

Profession… governess to two delightful charges. Sweet, beautiful, and precocious, Flora and Miles are the ideal students for the young governess, who describes the children as bathed in "the same positive fragrance of purity."

Interests… exploring Bly's many mysteries. When she isn't taking care of her charge, the governess wanders Bly, curious about her new home and the people who formerly lived and worked there.

Relationship Status… single, as befitting a young woman of her status and station. The governess might be obviously infatuated with her employer, Miles and Flora's uncle, but that doesn't mean she's willing to succumb to base temptations. In fact, when a fellow servant, housekeeper Mrs. Grose, hints at arranging a meeting between them, the governess declares that, "If you should so lose your head as to appeal to him for me– I would leave, on the spot."

Challenge… unraveling the dark past of her new home. Strange forces are afoot at the estate– from mysterious figures appearing in windows, to ghostly women on the grounds. Bly is not idyllic as it seems, and Miles and Flora may not be as they appear.

Personality… devoted and upright, but also but deeply romantic. The governess tries to act as a loving, responsible guardian for Miles and Flora, but at twenty, she's hardly more than a child herself. As a result, it's easy to understand her romantic musing and occasionally overactive imagination. Try as she might to be mature, the governess is young, and there's only so much any young woman can do to ward off either ghosts or her own sexuality. Still, she's determined to do the best she can.

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