Murray Goldberg

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Murray Goldberg

The Goldbergs

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About Him

Overview... patriarch of the Goldberg family who just wants a little peace and quiet to watch some TV. He’s been happily married to his wife Beverly for a couple decades and while he often forgets things like, oh, her birthday, they have a surprisingly strong relationship. He runs a furniture store and it’s a true passion for Murray – when he gets home you can reliably find him pants-less on his recliner. 

Personality... simple, easily irritated, and dependent. He’s happy to let Beverly make the decisions in the Goldberg household – when he gets home from a long day of selling furniture, he just wants to watch some TV. Of course, he also has those kids to deal with. His parenting style is usually to call them morons and let Beverly handle the rest. Murray sets the tone in the Goldberg family with his loud, profane mouth and disregard for social niceties, and the rest of the Goldbergs wouldn’t want it any other way.

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Murray Goldberg
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