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Adam Goldberg

The Goldbergs

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About Him

Living... in the 1980s as the pop culture obsessed runt of a very loud and foul-mouthed family. His dad is a straight-talking rage-aholic who takes his pants off as soon as he gets home from work. He calls his mother a boundary-free “smother” who isn’t afraid to interrupt her kids’ showers to wish them a happy birthday. And his two older siblings just want him to stop filming everything.  

Profession... middle schooler. It’s a transitional time in a boy’s life, but Adam isn’t quite ready to say good-bye to the comics, toys, and movies of his youth. When he comes home from school, his job changes to documentarian, grabbing his video camera every time a classic Goldberg shouting match breaks out. 

Interests ET, MTV, Mr. T – everything a geek would find cool from 1980-1989. 

Relationship Status...  single and terrified of dying before he gets to “cop a feel.” Adam is just as blunt as the rest of the Goldbergs, but when it comes to women, he’s not so confident. He has a huge crush on his neighbor, Dana, but for whatever reason, holding a boom box outside her window isn’t working. 

Challenge... growing up as a Goldberg. His mom watches him sleep and his sister’s always yelling at him whenever his brother doesn’t have him in a headlock. It’s hard enough going through puberty and waiting for that fourth armpit hair to grow in. But when your mom’s keeping a count of her own, that’s downright unfair. 

Personality... geeky, frustrated, and energetic. He’s got endless enthusiasm for Star Wars and girls alike, but at this point in his life they’re both equally far, far away. And he could do with some more respect from his parents and siblings. Only his grandfather understands his interests in buying his own clothes and having lunch in diners with hot waitresses. They’re both 12 at heart.

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