The Ghost
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The Ghost

The Ghost Writer

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About Him

Overview... a “ghost writer” who takes the job of finishing the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister. It seems an easy enough task on the surface, considering that the book is already almost done. An earlier ghost did most of the heavy lifting before dying in an apparent drowning accident. Though soon our “Ghost” – we never learn his real name – learns that not everything is as it seems. 

Personality... discreet, talented, and jaded. Nobody sets out to be a ghost writer, and our Ghost is no different. He aspires to be a successful writer based on his talent, with his own name on the book jacket, press notices, and royalty checks. Still, a man has to pay the bills, so he takes this assignment for which he’ll receive a paycheck but no public recognition. But is he being used as a patsy? Do they hope he’s either disinterested enough not to notice if anything is wrong, or so desperate for a payday to look the other way? Or maybe it’s all in his head.

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