The Count
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The Count

Sesame Street

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About Him

Living… in a rustic castle. A noble from Moldova, the Count inherited his title and his home from his family. He shares the large home with many pet bats, whom he frequently counts.  

Profession… counter. The Count inherited a noble lifestyle, so he doesn’t actually have to do anything, but he still hangs around to help people on Sesame Street with number-related activities. He’s especially good at counting up to ten, and assumedly great at taxes, too.  

Interests… counting and making music. The Count has been known to play the violin, but his absolute favorite instrument is the pipe organ, which he uses to create a new song every day while thinking about numbers.

Relationship Status… actively dating. The Count has been involved with several other noblewomen, including Countess von Backwards, Countess Dahling von Dahling, and Lady Two. You didn’t expect him to have had just one romantic relationship, did you? How would he count them?

Challenge… controlling himself. The Count loves to count so much that at times, he can get caught up in the activity. He gets excited and works himself into a frenzy, counting everything that he can see.

Personality… mysterious and grandiose. The Count doesn’t always come around, but when he does, he brings a lot of energy. His passion for counting rubs off on the people around him, who generally join in the fun. Besides really enjoying numbers, however, the Count is somewhat of an unknown. He’s friendly with the other residents of Sesame Street who enjoy his company, but he’ll often slip away after the counting is done, presumably to go count elsewhere.

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