The Corinthian

The Corinthian

    The Sandman

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… a nightmare, forced to stay within The Dreaming, only interacting with mortals as they sleep. But the Corinthian wants so much more. Escaping to the waking world, The Corinthian travels the world, a Nightmare amongst men.

Profession… serial killer. The Corinthian wishes to live amongst the waking world as a Nightmare in order to strike fear into the hearts of mortals, exactly as he was designed to do. He does so, naturally, by becoming a serial killer, known for removing the eyes of his victims. It’s the simple pleasures in life, really.

Interests… killing and staying away from Dream. He knows that the lord of sleep will ruin his fun if he’s caught in the waking world, so the most he can hope for is to stay one step ahead of the Endless. That is until a dream vortex by the name of Rose Walker comes about. Hoping to use Rose’s powers to destroy The Dreaming, and by extension, Dream himself, The Corinthian invites himself into her life. While she initially believes The Corinthian is an ally, the Nightmare has other dreams entirely. 

Relationship Status… single. Though The Corinthian is willing to lie with a mortal, he does so as a means to an end to get information out of them and focre them to drop their guard. It never lasts more than that, and the mortal rarely gets out alive. The Corinthian is a Nightmare, and his sole focus is living up to it. 

Challenges… tired of being relegated to The Dreaming, wishing to go to the waking world. The only problem is, this is strictly forbidden by Dream, the ruler of The Dreaming, who is known for harshly punishing infractions and disloyalty. Still, The Corinthian is determined to stay one step ahead, and when Dream suddenly disappears for years on end, he’s more than willing to take advantage of this turn of good fortune. He’s met up with a group of humans who love murdering almost as much as he does, and so he decides to walk amongst them, providing them with inspiring tales of the legendary Corinthian. After finally being confronted by Dream, the Endless claiming that The Corinthian has disappointed him, the Nightmare defends himself, saying: “I’ve done my best to be what you made me.” His dreams about what it truly meant to be a Nightmare were simply grander than the dream lord’s own. 

Personality… smooth-talking Nightmare in a beige suit. Though he can charm his way through most situations in the waking world, and it’s easy to get mortals wrapped around his little finger, behind his dark sunglasses is a mind full of malice, and a longing to create terror. Do not be fooled by his smile. Or at least, try not to be.


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