Betty Cooper

Betty Cooper

    Archie Comics
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in the small town of Riverdale, with her mother, father, and older sister. Despite the family’s wholesome appearance, Betty’s mother placed intense pressure on her and her sister, demanding perfection from them.

Living… still in Riverdale, but now without her sister. Polly cracked under the pressure, and now Betty is left to be the sole focus of her mother’s demands.

Profession… high school student. Because of her mother’s pressure and her own intelligence, Betty gets straight A’s, and is known as one of the smartest students in the school.

Interests… investigation and journalism. The child of two journalists, Betty naturally has a sense for an interesting case, but whereas her mother seems to want to publish whatever will sell, Betty will settle only for the real truth.

Relationship Status… single, but with an intense crush on her childhood best friend, Archie. Unfortunately the new girl, Veronica, also seems to have a crush on Archie. Betty has to find a way to make Archie see her as more than a friend before Veronica makes the first move.

Challenge… finding her own way and finding the truth. Over the summer, a fellow student was killed, and Betty is determined to find out who did it. Everyone is secretive and the web of motivations is tangled, but Betty is up for the job—if she can get out from under her mother’s thumb.

Personality… intelligent, daring, and passionate. Betty seems like a nice, smart, average girl, but she has a dark side. She is unafraid to risk herself in pursuit of a goal, and can go beyond what’s safe or sane. She struggles with anger issues, but also uses her anger to fuel her passion for justice and protecting the innocent.


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