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Phillip Jennings

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Living...during the Cold War in the middle-class suburbs of Washington D.C. with his wife, Elizabeth, and their children, Paige and Henry. He seems like an average father who goes to work, gets ice cream with his kids, and tells dad jokes. agent and Soviet KGB spy. Phillip and Elizabeth own a small travel agency, but it is just their cover for their spy work. They are actually undercover agents from the Soviet Union who pose as normal Americans while getting intel for their homeland. But Phillip is having doubts about whether to defect or not because the missions are getting harder and he thinks it’s putting their family in too much danger.  

Interests...playing hockey with Henry and embarrassing his kids with his goofball antics. Although neither Paige nor Henry knows about their parents’ true identity, Phillip loves his kids dearly. Whenever he is not doing missions or pretending to be a true American, he is spending time with his kids.   

Relationship Status...married. Even though Phillip and Elizabeth have an arranged marriage, Phillip is in love with her. While he wants to pursue a romantic relationship, not just a work one, Elizabeth is still unsure about how she feels about him.  

Challenge... keeping his cover and working out his relationship with Elizabeth. She is dedicated to the Soviet Union, but Phillip is less sure about his own loyalty to the nation. He cares more about her and their children than completing missions. This is a source of contention between Phillip and Elizabeth that they’ll have to solve if they want to stay alive and keep their family safe., compassionate, and goofy. He may be a spy, but he isn’t heartless. In fact, Phillip wears his heart on his sleeve as much as an undercover spy is able to. All he wants is to really be the happy and loving American family that they have been pretending to be.

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