Tessa Young

Tessa Young


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in a suburban neighbourhood with her mother, Carol Young. 

Living… in a highly decorated dorm at Washington Central University. It’s the first time Tessa is living away from her mom, and Tessa constantly assures her mom that there is nothing to worry about. Her roommate is Steph Jones and the two get along quite well, despite having very different backgrounds. 

Profession… freshman at WCU majoring in economics. She’s also exploring other classes, including literature and astronomy. 

Relationship status… happily dating Noah Porter. Tessa and Noah have known each other their entire lives. Noah loves her and looks out for her. 

Interests… books, books, and more books. She has strong judgements about novels and loves to check out other people’s bookshelves.

Challenge… dealing with her newfound freedom after living such a sheltered life. Her roommate Steph is showing her a world she never knew before.

Personality… studious, friendly, and bright. Tessa can be shy, but when something challenges her views she isn’t afraid to speak up and voice her opinion.


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