Terry Thorn
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Terry Thorn

Proof of Life

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About Him

Overview… a Kidnap and Ransom man (K&R for short) for Luthan Risk International. Terry is used to dealing with high-stress situations. As a former solider in both the Australian SASR and the British SAS, Terry knows how to keep cool under fire. He takes his job seriously and does it well, though it hasn’t been the ideal profession for his status as a father. Terry, who is constantly flying throughout the third-world, barely gets to spend any quality time with his son.

Personality… cool, tough, and upstanding. Terry knows that it’s best to remain unemotional when dealing with a kidnapping, though his latest job has been the ultimate test. While on a mission to rescue a humanitarian worker named Peter Bowman in the South American country of Tecala, the handsome Terry has found himself succumbing to the charms of Bowman’s wife, Alice.

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