Terry Hoitz
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Terry Hoitz

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Overview… a fed-up NYPD detective. Terry Hoitz has been barred from working the streets ever since he accidentally shot Derek Jeter during the World Series. (Hey, it could happen to anyone.) When the office heroes, Danson and Highsmith, die while on a job, it presents the opportunity for a new duo to take their position as the best policemen in New York City – or at least the precinct. Terry is raring to prove himself so he can leave his desk behind and get back in action. Unfortunately, his new partner, an uptight desk jockey named Allen Gamble, isn’t so keen.  

Personality… hot-tempered and touchy. Terry is annoyed by almost everything – Priuses, people who badmouth Star Wars, unmanly farts. Unfortunately, he’s stuck with Allen, a man who embodies all of his dislikes. Of course, sometimes it’s the seemingly unlikely duos that prove the most effective. Or not.

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