Tenth Doctor

Tenth Doctor

    Doctor Who

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on Gallifrey under the influence of the Time Lords that taught him. At the Time Lord Academy, a vigorous initiation inspired its pupils in their way of life. Some found themselves driven mad by the light of the time vortex. Some were inspired to run, such as the Doctor from the past he regrets, never fully experiencing closure with the Time War he was forced to fight in.

Visiting…  Pompeii on eruption day, a space cruise ship modeled after the Titanic, and Agatha Christie’s garden party. With Rose, the adventures the Doctor takes her on are even akin to dates, courting her with grand excursions in his TARDIS to New York in the far future and sweet motorcycle rides in the 50s. No matter the companion by his side, the Doctor always seems to stumble upon someone in need of saving.

Profession… important individual or human schoolteacher, you name it – or imagine it – the Doctor has a gadget to disguise himself on his journeys. With physics paper, he’s got the credentials to just about anything, and with his sonic screwdriver, he has the key to any lock. Convenience is a bit more life and death when you’ve got aliens tracking your ship’s every move. Luckily, the Doctor always comes prepared.

Interests… being the hero. The Doctor uses his TARDIS to explore every far reach of the universe, past, present, and future. Along the way, there is always someone in need of help, and the Doctor does his part to supply it. He will put his own life on the line if it means getting others to safety. It is what charms his companions to him, his unending desire to save people.

Relationship Status… falling for the humanity in Rose Tyler. She is what brought him to a version of himself that was filled with wonder for adventure again, and with her by his side, together they save the universe with three kind hearts (the alien Doctor with two hearts, of course). Humans don’t last forever, but that won’t stop the Doctor from burning up stars to say goodbye. 

Challenge… letting go of the past. Whether it's a companion he’s failed or lingering guilt from the war, the Doctor can never truly let go of his past lives. He is doomed to become overcome by his place in the universe, thinking he could control it all. But even with all the tragedy the Doctor is made to endure, he can never be master of time, but time will always lord over him.

Personality… cheerful, charismatic, and totally brilliant. When the Doctor gets going on a clever solution to another worldly problem, his ramblings can sound like his science classes: “physics, physics, physics, physics, physics!” But what may seem like gibberish to us unlocks the keys of the universe to the Time Lords. The Doctor may let his cleverness get to his head, though. There can never be a true Master of Time, no matter how hard the Doctor tries to stop the tragedies of the world.


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