Tenoch Iturbide
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Tenoch Iturbide

Y Tu Mama Tambien

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About Him

Grew Up... in a political family in Mexico. His father is a high-ranking official, and Tenoch has always had to go to political events and remain proper in front of the public eye. Perhaps all of that formality is what led him to rebel and move away from his father’s world of smiles and handshakes.

Living… in the same mansion he grew up in. His family is still wealthy and in power, even though the socialist parties are beginning to rise up and get votes from the poor, rural population. Tenoch is at a crossroads in his life. With his girlfriend leaving for Italy before college, he has one last chance to go on a wild adventure with his best friend Julio before he must fully deal with his parents’ expectations. Tenoch and Julio meet Tenoch’s cousin-in-law, Luisa, at a wedding and invite her to accompany them on a road trip to an imaginary beach where they will enjoy themselves to the maximum. But when they actually set out on the trip together, they don’t exactly know where they’re going or what they’re going to do. 

Profession… student. Tenoch still has some time before he has to go to college or get a real job. He is expected to be a successful professional, and this pressure is enough to make him want to enjoy himself while he still can.

 Interests… marijuana, bad decisions for the sake of enjoying the moment, and quick and easy sex. Tenoch is also an aspiring writer, but first he needs something to write about.

Relationship Status… in a relationship, at least theoretically. His girlfriend leaves for Italy and Tenoch has no real intention of remaining loyal to her, even though he promises to wait. 

Challenge… making it back home in one piece, emotionally and physically. Travelling with Julio is no easy task, especially considering the two of them constantly attack each other, vying for the attention of Luisa. If they wanted a memorable trip, they've certainly got it, but there is much more emotional drama than any of them bargained for.

Personality… cocky and intelligent, but he acts a lot stupider than he is. He’s not pretentious like a lot of his family. He feels no need to pretend to be something that he’s not. He’s a young man looking for a good time, at least right now.

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