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About Him

Grew Up... unsure of his origins. A Chinese dragon, Temeraire was hatched on a British ship amidst soldiers after being taken from the French. As a result, everyone – including his captain, William Laurence – is initially unsure about Temeraire's breed or abilities, although his value to the British is indisputable.

Living... during the Napoleonic Wars. Though he was originally intended to fight for the French, Temeraire is fiercely loyal to his British comrades, telling Laurence, “I should rather have you than a heap of gold, even if it were very comfortable to sleep on."

Visiting... the world! As part of the war effort, Temeraire and Laurence are sent across the globe for various tasks, from diplomacy to helping transport dragon eggs. Having lived the entirety of his life in Britain, Temeraire is understandably excited to visit new countries. He’s especially interested in seeing China, where dragons are rumored to be not only full members of society, but also members of the Imperial Court.

Profession... dragon soldier for the British Aerial Corps. As soldiers several tons larger and more lethal than the average recruit, the draconic members of the British army are extremely valuable – yet also extremely underprivileged. The callous treatment of dragons in Britain troubles Temeraire, who thinks that “if you wish to apply laws to us, it were only reasonable to consult us on them.”

Interests... fighting, learning, and winning new rights for British dragons. Still young, Temeraire is unusually eager to learn about the world he's hatched into, and is ecstatic at "how many books there are [...] And on so many subjects!" He's less enthused about the abysmal treatment of dragons in Britain, but he hopes to amend the situation.

Relationship Status... single. While Temeraire gets along fine with his female comrades, dragons aren't exactly romantic creatures, and Temeraire's still too young to care much about producing dragon eggs – and baby dragons.

Challenge... repelling Napoleon's forces while struggling to understand the ways of the world. Though fierce in combat, Temeraire still has a lot to learn about more political battles, especially if he wants to win pay and voting rights for dragons.

Personality... inquisitive, independent, and innocently idealistic. Though preternaturally intelligent, Temeraire is still only a few months old and sometimes has the emotional maturity to match his age. Still, dragons live a long time, and with his already formidable intellect and abilities, Temeraire is nothing but untapped potential.

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