Ted Wiggins
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Ted Wiggins

The Lorax

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About Him

Overview… twelve-year-old Ted Wiggins loves his neighbor, Audrey. Audrey loves trees. Ted decides to get Audrey a tree so that she will love him back. Great plan, right? But it’s not that simple. Ted and Audrey live in Thneedville, an enclosed city where everything is completely artificial. In order to obtain a real tree, Ted has to venture beyond the safety of its walls to find the legendary Once-ler, a strange old recluse who knows something about what happened to the trees.

Personality… sweet, impressionable, and determined. Ted is your average nice guy who's just trying to be the best young gentleman he can be. All he wants is to make Audrey happy, and if that means defying the odds and finding her a real tree, then so be it.

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