Ted Stroehmann
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Ted Stroehmann

There's Something About Mary

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About Him

Living... in Providence, Rhode Island. It’s not too far from where he grew up.

Visiting… Miami. He’s come there to find the love of his life from high school, Mary. Even though they were never an item, Ted has never gotten over the crush he had on her. In fact, a while back he was driving on the highway and he got to thinking about Mary and suddenly he couldn't breathe. That's when he knew he'd have to find her. He heard she lives in Miami, so he got a private investigator named Pat to help him track her down.

Profession... insurance salesman for Providence Union Insurance Company. It’s not the most exciting job, but it pays the bills.

Relationship Status... single. Ted has never had much luck with women — including Mary. She was supposed to go with him to prom in high school, but that didn’t work out too well after an accident involving a zipper. He is still scarred from that traumatic and humiliating experience.

Challenge... winning Mary over. So far, he and Mary are very much friends, but he is finding it hard to make their relationship something more. He also faces a lot of competition for Mary's attention. The investigator he hired, Pat, has taken a fancy to Mary and is now after her himself. Mary’s friend Tucker, a famous architect, is secretly in love with her as well. And then there's Brett Favre, the Green Bay Packers quarterback who says he will always be true to her. How can an average guy like Ted compete with all these suitors?

Personality... dorky but determined. Even though Mary is completely out of his league, Ted won’t give up. His attempts to woo her are both admirable and pathetic at the same time.

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