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Ted Striker


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About Him

Living… with a pathological fear of flying. Ted, a former fighter pilot, can’t bear to be aboard an aircraft after being traumatized in a far-off war.

Visiting… a Boeing 707. Ted realizes that, in order to be happy and get back the love of his life, Elaine, he needs to be able to conquer his fear of flying. He boards a flight from Los Angeles to Chicago on which Elaine is an airhostess, and tries to win her back.

Profession… taxi driver. Ted has been incapable of holding down a steady job ever since the war.

Relationship Status… alone, but still in love with Elaine Dickinson. Ted likes to reminisce about the night that he and Elaine first met. He was stationed in “Drambui, off the Barbary Coast.” They met at a bar and according to him, they: “laughed, talked, danced. I never wanted it to end. I guess I still don’t.”

Challenge… facing his fears and managing to land the plane. After the pilots fall ill due to food poisoning, Ted finds himself as the only person on board capable of flying and landing the plane. He needs to confront his fear of flying and pull himself together in order to save the day.

Personality… romantic, sentimental, and emotional. Ted is one of those men who, in the words of his former commanding officer, “just felt too much inside.” Even little old ladies get a bit bored listening to Ted ramble on about his love for Elaine.

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