Taystee Jefferson

Taystee Jefferson

    Orange Is The New Black
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in prison, but that’s okay. She has a ton of friends, a great job in the library, and a blonde weave provided by new inmate Piper Chapman. She’s put together a good life for herself behind bars – certainly better than what’s waiting outside if she ever gets out.

Profession... Taystee may work in the prison library but her real role at Litchfield is a comedian set on keeping morale up. Her best-known story involves waking up topless covered in barbeque sauce. Where was her shirt? On the dead guy lying next to her.

Interests… reading, dancing, and telling stories. She’s not as interested in getting out of prison as the other women. Not anymore, at least. With some coaching from other inmates who went up on parole, she was released from Litchfield. But after just a couple of days, she decided she couldn’t cut it in the outside world.

Relationship Status... single, but with a makeshift family of best friends. Poussey Washington is her closest friend and one of the main reasons she decided to re-offend and re-enter the prison system.

Challenge... getting out of prison. Taystee’s so used to living in institutions that her challenges only come when she’s faced with life on the outside. Her family’s no help, she has no place to live and no way to get a job. It’s a relief when she can return to Litchfield’s library.

Personality... smart and funny. She gets into fights like many of the inmates, but she’s not one to sulk. She can lose herself in a good book or start an impromptu dance party and any troubles she has disappear – for a while, at least.


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