Taylor Bowman

Taylor Bowman

Sneaky Pete

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About Him

Living... near his grandparents in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where they have a big farm. He has some happy memories of spending time with his sister Julia and his cousin Pete at the farm. But his childhood was far from idyllic. His father abused him. And things fell apart after his parents died in a car crash shortly after his sister Carly was born. 

Profession... police officer. He’s not the greatest cop and failed his exams a number of times. His job often comes in handy for his family; he helps keep his younger sister Carly out of prison.

Relationship status... complicated. Taylor is having an affair with a married woman named Shannon. Taylor loves her, but he has to see her in secret. 

Challenge... growing up without his parents. Taylor has never quite gotten over their death and has a lot of anger issues. And to be honest, he’s never quite grown up. 

Personality... impulsive, immature, and quirky. You never know what you’ll get when you’re around Taylor: laughing or yelling. Though it is clear how much he cares about his family. 

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