Tatsuhiro Sato

Tatsuhiro Sato

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Tokyo, by himself. Thanks to the conveniences of online shopping and delivery, Tatsuhiro hasn't left his apartment or "talked to anyone for almost a year."

Profession… none. At twenty-two, Tatsuhiro is a shut-in, a NEET who "dropped out of college because I can't deal with other people" and now lives off his parents' money. (Parents who, incidentally, know nothing about his current situation.) When former classmate Kaoru visits, Tatsuhiro gets a glimmer of hope at employment – as the co-creator of a soft-core video game.

Interests… anime, video games, and porn. Hey, not leaving the house means he has to find something to occupy his time, and TV is as good a time-killer as any. But due to the influence of endless hours spent watching TV, Tatsuhiro's started to suspect that the NHK – Japan's national broadcasting channel – is involved in a conspiracy against his success.

Relationship Status… single, obviously. During high school, Tatsuhiro seems to have had a thing for classmate Hitomi, but ever since graduation, he's lost touch with her. The only girl he's really talked to since is Misaki, a peppy high-schooler (so she says, anyway) intent on "curing" Tatsuhiro of his paranoid ways.

Challenge… coming out of his shell. With Kaoru and Misaki pressuring him, Tatsuhiro's finally been spending time outside of his house, but he's ambivalent about his new life. After all, a normal life comes with its own challenges, and how can someone like him – with no college degree, no skills, and crippling anxiety – survive?

Personality… introverted, self-deprecating, and paranoid. Self-esteem isn't Tatushiro's strong suit, and he has about as much self-confidence as he has social skills. Convinced that the world is conspiring against him, he's reconciled himself to his fate as a shut-in. But deep down, Tatsuhiro is not as content with his loneliness as he pretends to be.


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