Tanis Half-Elven

Tanis Half-Elven

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

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About Him

Grew up… in Qualinost, one of the elven capital cities. Tanis is the product of a human brigand and the elven princess who was raped by him; she died soon after giving birth to Tanis. He had difficulty fitting in with the other elves, both because of the circumstances of his birth and because he’s half human.

Living… in the human town of Solace. Back in Qualinost, Tanis met a dwarven blacksmith named Flint, and decided to accompany him on his journeys rather than stay where he felt he didn’t belong. He ended up become a mentor to the young Majere twins, and from there on, Tanis became the de-facto leader of their group of friends.

Profession… businessman. Tanis takes care of the payments and accounts for Flint’s blacksmithing business, occasionally helping with the smithing itself as well.

Interests… rare bows. Tanis is a skilled archer, and enjoys collecting the finest specimens of the weapons that he can find. He’s also skilled with needle and thread, though he doesn't really count fashion among his interests.

Relationship Status… complicated. On the one hand, there’s the beautiful elf Laurana, whom he promised his hand to in childhood, thinking that she would soon forget about it. She hasn’t. On the other hand, there’s Kitiara, the tempestuous human warrior whom Tanis has been having a fling with for a while now.

Challenge… keeping his friends safe amidst the brewing war. The forces of evil have come to the world of Krynn, and not even little Solace seems safe. Tanis gets caught up in it while trying to protect some strangers, but before he knows it, he and his friends are also at risk.

Personality… stubborn, wise, and attentive. Tanis is the default leader of the group, and for good reason – as one of the oldest members, he possesses the ability to make decisions quickly, but also listens to everyone’s input. Despite that, he's still quite uncertain about the direction of his own life.

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