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Taizo Hori

Mr. Driller

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About Him

Grew Up... as Dig Dug. In his glory days, Taizo Hori earned a legendary name for himself after vanquishing an onslaught of underground monsters like Pookas and Fygars during the “Dig Dug” incident.

Living... in Japan. That’s where Taizo he spends most of his down time with his family.

Profession... Chairman of the Driller Council. As a respected member of the driller community, Taizo now heads the Driller Council, which oversees and gives equipment to licensed drillers around the world.

Interests... food. According to his family, Taizo is a bit of a glutton and is always looking for something to eat. In one of his lowest moments, he allegedly confused money with food.

Relationship Status... divorced. Taizo was once married to fellow driller Toby Masuyo, but they got divorced. His eldest son, Ataru, despised his father and ran off to become an unlicensed driller. However, Taizo has a much better relationship with his other son Susumu, the famous Mr. Driller.

Challenge... saving Horinesia. When the island nation of Horinesia is under attack by familiar foes from the Dig Dug incident, they call Mr. Driller for help. Wanting to prove that he is still just as capable as his renowned son, Taizo offers to solve the problem all by himself.                              

Personality... prideful. Taizo is mostly a loving father, but he isn’t very bright and is having a hard time aging gracefully. 

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