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Living... in people's apartments while they're away. He puts notices on the door, and he knows the place is empty when he sees the notices still there a few days later. Usually, he leaves the place better off than how he found it and even does laundry. He thinks he makes a great houseguest.

Profession... unemployed. Who would hire him?

Interests... drinking. As he says, “It helps me think and wait for night to come.”

Relationship Status... involved with Sun-hwa who is married. He met her when he broke into her house, but she didn’t seem to mind. They have an undeniable chemistry. The only problem is that she has an abusive husband she can't seem to shake. Tae-suk doesn't see how she can spend all day with Tae-suk, and then come home to her husband to be beaten again.

Challenge... evading the police. The last man whose house he broke in turned out to be dead before he and Sun-hwa got there. Tae-suk was arrested for his murder even though he was the one who found his body and gave it a proper burial.

Personality... daring but unfocused. Although he is college educated and bright, he has spent so much of his life drifting from one place to another in search of new adventures. And when he falls for Sun-hwa and finally finds a reason to stick around in one place, he can’t even be with her. Or can he? Tae-suk is determined to find a way. What a romantic!

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