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T.S. Quint


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About Him

Grew Up… in suburban New Jersey. T.S., unlike his slacker friends, has big plans. He wants to grow up, have a family and make a life for himself and his girlfriend Brandi.

Living… through a devastating breakup. After Brandi breaks up with T.S. over a disagreement over her being on the game show Truth or Date (which is hosted by her overprotective father), the two split up and cancel their trip to Universal Studios Florida. T.S. was planning to propose to her on the studio tour; specifically, the part “…when Jaws pops out!”

Visiting… the local mall. T.S. and his comic book-obsessed friend Brodie have gone to the mall in order to console themselves. Brodie is also suffering from heartbreak, and he believes that the mall has restorative powers. T.S. isn’t so sure: “How is it that I go from the verge of hot Floridian sex with Brandi to Man of Steel coital debates with you in the food court?”

Relationship Status… heartbroken and desperate to get Brandi back. Upon arriving at the mall, T.S. and Brodie learn that Truth or Date will be filmed there that same evening. Rather than cower, T.S. decides to try and win her back.

Challenge… to sabotage the game show and get Brandi back. Bradi’s father wants nothing less than to see his daughter with T.S. With the help of his friends, T.S. needs to find a way to get on Truth or Date and woo her back into his arms.

Personality… forlorn, aimless and boyish. T.S. isn’t quite as much of slacker as his friend Brodie, but after his breakup he becomes pessimistic and aimless. He’s just a suburban kid who wants to break free of his monotonous life.

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