The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

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Living… on the road. TJ met a very drunk Amal in a bar, and convinced him to take a cross-country road trip to Providence, R.I., from Berkeley – since Amal was headed to Providence anyway. It’s thousands of miles, across some of the country’s most beautiful scenery. TJ has volunteered to pay for food, gas, and hotels, as long as Amal does the driving.

Profession… not very clear. Whatever it is, though, it’s left TJ with enough money to pay for a trip from coast to coast, so it must be relatively lucrative.

Interests… rock music, smoking, cracking jokes. TJ’s pretty laidback, and can often be heard singing along to the radio. In fact, it was his singing that woke Amal up from his drunken slumber the morning after they met.

Relationship Status… single. When Amal mentions that he doesn’t ping on the gaydar, though, TJ says, “I ping all. I am ninja!” So, he’s pretty flexible when it comes to the gender of his potential mates. Seeing Amal shirtless does make him spit out his soda, though, so there might be something budding there.

Challenge… making it to Providence without explaining anything to Amal. TJ is incredibly closemouthed about himself, whether that’s his past, his career, or his goals for the future. As he gets closer to Amal, though, will he be able to keep his secrets?

Personality… funny, philosophical, and private. TJ is a man of contradictions – both cynical and naïve, a joker with serious scars. On the outside, he’s mostly a fun-and-games, smell-the-roses kind of guy. He’s the one who wants to leave their route to explore all the strange highway attractions. But he’s also guarded to the point of being rude.  He’ll share his opinions on music and life, but not how he came by those opinions.

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