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The Truman Show

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Overview… an actress who plays the role of Lauren Garland on “The Truman Show,” a reality show that follows Truman Burbank through his life in the fabricated town of Seahaven as he is unknowingly filmed. The producers of the show have a set plan for all of Truman’s life, which does not include him falling in love with Lauren/Sylvia. But, the producers can’t control the human heart, and so Truman continues to pine after Lauren/Sylvia even after she is removed from Seahaven. Sylvia feels sorry that Truman is unwittingly trapped on TV and joins the “Free Truman” campaign to reveal the truth to him, as she continues to watch his show in the real world.

Personality… righteous and big-hearted. Sylvia is quiet, but strong and willing to stand up for her beliefs, even if it means losing her job. Her beauty and poise make her irresistible to Truman.

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