Sylvia Llewelyn Davies
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Sylvia Llewelyn Davies

Finding Neverland

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Grew Up… as a beloved daughter of the du Maurier family, a high-status London family in the late 1800s. But Sylvia became a disappointment to her mother and a topic of conversation at high society parties when she married a man considered to be beneath her. 

Living... without her husband, Arthur, who died of cancer. So she is now alonein a small house with her four young boys– Peter, George, Jack, and Michael. Though her wealthy mother often lends a hand, Sylvia struggles to provide a suitable upbringing for her boys without the financial and emotional support of her late husband.

Visiting... J. M. Barrie, the famous playwright, at his house in the countryside. Jim has invited Sylvia and her boys to spend a prolonged holiday in the hopes that it will cure Sylvia's recent illness.

Relationship Status... widowed. Sylvia has longed for the companionship of someone her own age. She feels lucky she has developed such a good friendship with Jim.

Challenge... ignoring the society gossip surrounding her platonic relationship with Jim. Sylvia wants Jim to remain involved with her family because he simplifies life with her boys by keeping life spontaneous and fun (and helping out financially). Still, spending so much time with a well-known divorcee like Jim comes with its own set of complications.

Personality... warm, free-spirited, and tender. As a mother, Sylvia wants nothing more than what's best for her boys. Her desire for them to have an easy and well-educated upbringing, however, conflicts with the ways in which she defies upper class conventions. Sylvia believes in happiness and imagination, and aims to instill such values in her boys, despite the hardships they've gone through at a young age.

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