Sydney Novak

Sydney Novak

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Brownsville, Pennsylvania (“not like, the cute part of Pennsylvania”) with her mom and little brother Liam, for whom she acts as the second–and sometimes only–parent with her mother’s intense work schedule and the recent death of her father.

Profession… student at Westinghouse High School, where her counselor recommends that she write in a diary in hopes it’ll help with her “moods.” Sydney begrudgingly agrees, but little does she realize that having so many secrets written in one place could be dangerous.

Interests… listening to music, spending time with her best friend Dina, and trying to learn more about the circumstances around her dad’s death–especially when she realizes she might be more like him than she thought.

Relationship Status… single, although her relationship with her friend Stanley briefly ventures into romantic territory. Sydney also is coming come to terms with her feelings for Dina, which may be more than just platonic.

Challenges… managing her newly manifesting telekinetic superpowers against the backdrop of emotionally taxing high school drama. Sydney claims she’s “not special,” but her self-reportedly average life changes quickly once she begins to develop powers she can’t control.

Personality… bitter, sarcastic, witty, and assertive with a tongue sometimes too sharp for her own good, leading her to sometimes hurt the ones she cares about the most. All she wants to do is keep her head down and fly under the social radar, but strange things have been happening lately. “Anyway, here’s to a normal high school experience,” Sydney says.  “Whatever the f**k that means.”


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