Susie Greene
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Susie Greene

Curb Your Enthusiasm

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About Her

Living... in a mansion-esque house in Westside Los Angeles and shared with her husband, Jeff; daughter, Sammi; and dog, Oscar, all of whom are regular sources of Susie's frustration.

Profession... stay-at-home mother. She has also tried her hand at various forms of fashion and accessory design.

Interests... socializing. Susie enjoys both hosting and attending events with friends and family, even though many of her social interactions end in an argument and leave her irritated with said friends and family.

Relationship Status... married to Jeff. Susie is very much the dominating force in the relationship. Although Jeff is the family’s sole breadwinner, Susie tells him what he should be doing and when he should be doing it, and is not afraid to express her dissatisfaction with him. Her comment when discussing a friend's divorce epitomizes the tone of the relationship, "You think we're gonna have a nice divorce if we ever get divorced? I'm taking you for everything you have, Mister. I'm taking your [privates], and I'm thumb-tacking them to the wall!" Ouch!

Challenge... coping with the nearly unbearable stress of everyday life. Susie is easily offended, and her abrasive qualities don't help soothe many situations; her default mode of conversation often seems to be screaming. It's enough having to deal with her "good-for-nothing" husband, but the addition of the seemingly ever-present Larry David (her husband’s best friend and top client) constantly pushes her over the edge. Her need to remove herself from what angers her most is seen when she tells Larry, "You know what the best thing about going to New York is? I'm not gonna see your face for three months.

Personality... loud, obnoxious, and argumentative. Susie puts on a pretty frightening show, but she is also very sensitive and takes a lot to heart. Her anger functions mainly as a defense mechanism for her own insecurities, buttons that Jeff and Larry really know how to push. However she can also be very forgiving and always gives both of them second (and third, and fourth) chances regardless of how much they infuriate her. Which is a lot.

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