Susan Vance
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Susan Vance

Bringing Up Baby

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About Her

Overview... an eccentric free spirit. As a wealthy heiress, Susan has no real responsibilities. So she spends her days doing exactly want she wants to do – from taking someone else’s car home to spending the evening learning magic tricks. Currently she’s taking care of a tame leopard named Baby that her brother gifted to her. And since she mistakenly thinks mild-mannered paleontologist David Huxley is a zoologist, she enlists his help to bring Baby up to her aunt’s house in Connecticut.

Personality... impulsive, fearless, and effortlessly charming. The word “consequence” doesn’t exist in Susan’s vocabulary. No matter how insane they are, she follows her whims with little concern for social graces or even laws. But she’s so vibrant, extroverted, and carefree it’s easy to get mesmerized by her captivating spell.

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