Susan Storm
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Susan Storm

Fantastic Four

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Grew up… fast. Raised in a suburb on Long Island, Sue’s mother died when she was a teenager and her father spiraled into alcoholism and depression before dying shortly thereafter. Sue was forced to step up and raise her younger brother Johnny, while working to pay for school and build a better life for them.

Living… in New York City, struggling to adjust to her new superpowers. Sue Storm recently accompanied the scientist Reed Richards into space, along with her brother Johnny, and old friend Ben Grimm. The mission was supposed to be safe, but their ship was bombarded with an incredible amount of cosmic radiation, which caused all four of the crewmates to develop amazing powers. Sue Storm gained the ability to manipulate light and project force fields. Adopting the title of “The Invisible Woman,” she’s agreed to team up with her newly empowered friends to create a superhero team that will work for the betterment of mankind.

Profession… former chief genetics researcher for Doctor Victor von Doom. The spaceflight’s failure was ultimately so expensive that Doom lost his company and cost Sue her job. Although she lost the chance to work with the brilliant Doctor Doom, she gained an opportunity to work with the equally intelligent – and handsome – Reed Richards.

Interests… genetics, molecular biology, and saving the day. Sue shares a passion for science with her teammate and romantic interest, Reed Richards. Outside of this, she’s busy trying to combat the constant stream of villains that pass through New York. Someday, she dreams of raising a family – although her unconventional lifestyle makes such a dream seem far-fetched.

Relationship status… just ended a relationship with the wealthy scientist Victor von Doom. While Sue cared for him, she turned down his marriage proposal just before he lost his company. Newly single, Sue feels an irresistible attraction to Reed Richards.

Challenge… protecting New York from unnaturally powerful threats. Her former lover, Dr. Doom, is a particularly dangerous menace – intelligent, enraged, and armed with superpowers on par with the Fantastic Four.

Personality... warm, caring, and responsible. Sue Storm is the heart of the Fantastic Four. Reed Richards might be their leader, but when the superheroes are at each other’s throats, it’s always Sue who manages to calm everyone down.

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