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Susan Murphy

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Grew up… in a loving family. In high school, she won softball championships and excelled in physics. Sue went to college, but she dropped out after she became pregnant. With her boyfriend Frank, they dropped everything to start their family and now have three children: Kevin, Bill, and Maureen. It’s obvious to everyone that Kevin is her favorite child.

Living... in Massachusetts in the 1970s. It’s a time when racism, sexism, and intolerant ideologies are running rampant. 

Profession... part-time employee for Plast-a-Ware, selling plastic kitchen containers. Although it doesn’t pay well (she gets paid in plastic kitchen containers and not real money), Susan needs to get out of the house for her sanity. With the feminist movement gaining momentum, she yearns for more for her life.

Relationship status... married to Frank, who is one of the most narrow-minded and immature men she knows. Despite his flaws, she loves him and looks the other way when he yells or makes inappropriate comments. And in his own way, Frank loves her deeply. 

Challenge... serving as the peacemaker in their chaotic house. As she says, “I work hard to keep this family happy. I keep everyone from killing each other!” 

Personality... soft-spoken, kind, and emotional. Sue can lose her temper and break down at times, but she tries her best to be the rock for her family. 

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